Tutorial Articles

How to Create a Dashboard Widget Bar Icon

When creating my Add-on Stats dashboard widget, I couldn't find an online tutorial for creating a widget bar icon. Apple's Designing Widgets page lists some basic information about the dimensions of the icon's contents and the size and orientation of the icon's drop shadow, but nothing about the dimensions of the icon itself or how to create the curved glass effect used by most other icons on the widget bar. After some trial and error, I developed the following tutorial for creating widget bar icons.

How to Improve HTML Heading Layout with jQuery

When headings marked-up with the h1, h2, ... h6 HTML tags are too long to fit on a single line, web browsers wrap the trailing words onto the next line. When the second line of the heading contains two or more words, this layout looks fine. However, when the second line contains just a single word, this layout is ugly-to my eye at least.