The CaCHE Data Navigator

The CaCHE Data Navigator is a searchable collection of the metadata for 155 UK housing data sets published between 1957 and 2015.

The Home Page

The home page presents an overview of the data sets in the collection using bar charts that explain how the data sets are categorized and show the number of data sets in each category. Clicking on a bar performs a search for data sets in the category represented by the bar.

CaCHE home page

The Search Page

The search pages presents a natural language sentence query for searching the metadata of the UK housing data sets. Selecting values from the drop down controls and entering further search criteria into the text box forms the query. Clicking on the title of a data set in the search results table presents the detailed metadata of the data set.

CaCHE search page

The Detail Pages

Each detail page provides the metadata of a UK housing data set. The region covered by the dataset is represented by a map with the highlighted region. Clicking on the links on the page performs a search with the link text as the query.

CaCHE data set page