Data Articles

Alphabetical List Item Selection

User interfaces often require users to select an item from a list of alphabetical items. The value to be selected might be known in advance, or browsing might be necessary to pick out the correct item. This article describes a method of selecting alphabetical list items that reduces the number of keystrokes and hand movements from keyboard to mouse.

A Test for Identifying Categorical Data

This article describes a method for automatically identifying whether a data set is composed of categorical values. This enables applications to make use of such data without requiring users to supply this information.

An Analysis of the Street Names in Four U.K. Cities

This article presents the results of an analysis of the 17,327 street names in four U.K. cities: Cambridge, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Oxford. These results can inform the implementers of indexing and filtering algorithms for applications that require the input of street names with the keyboard or by selection with the mouse from a list.